Thesis Proposal

Writing An Impressive Thesis Proposal Is The First Step Towards The Successful Thesis Writing

Thesis Proposal Writing


  • A thesis proposal has the following objectives:
  • Your research is realistic and practical.
  • It assures that the research is important and required.
  • You are contributing something original to the field.
  • The topic is practicable regarding funds, equipment, supervisors, and data.
  • The research can be completed in the expected time period.
  • Ethical issues have been considered and approval has been given for the research by the University Ethics Committee.

How To Write A Thesis Proposal?

Title Page Of Your Thesis Proposal:

A title should have the following information:

  1. It has a short, explanatory title of the proposed thesis project.
  2. And it mentions author, institution, department, research mentor, mentor's institution, and date of delivery.

Thesis Proposal Abstract:

An abstract is brief summary of your project. It gives a quick preview of what you are going to talk about further. It comprises on the following things:

  • Research context
  • Purpose & objectives pf the selected topic
  • Importance
  • Hypothetical and methodological framework
  • Research plan

Table of contents:

  • List all headings and subheadings with page numbers
  • Indent subheadings

Statement of Problem In Thesis Proposal

Problem statement of your thesis proposal establishes the ground for the approval of your thesis proposal. It introduces the research issues in detail and depth. There are some questions to determine how to write a good problem statement:

  • Why is this problem important to address?
  • Are the limitations of the study identified with recognition of their consequences?
  • Does the dissertation deal with a significant and meaningful problem?
  • Are technical terms well defined?
  • Is the problem of interest to other scholars or practitioners in the field?
  • What information is already available?
  • Has a persuasive case been made as to why the problem is worth solving?
  • Is it clear who or what will be aided by the research findings?
  • Will the findings provide a basis for generalized conclusions or have practical applicability?
  • What is the history of your problem?
  • Has the objective of research been expressed clearly?
  • Is the problem statement specific and focused?
  • Are the definitions unambiguous, and comprehensible?
  • Does it deal with some aspect of social change?

Historiography Review:

In this section thesis proposal, you mention and evaluate the works of other writers which is relevant to your area of research. By doing it you can create a reasonable context and establish your contribution in the field.

Theoretical Framework:

Here you state your essential and necessary ideas on the subject.

  • Various hypothetical approaches are stated taken in your subject matter.
    1. Which one do you propose to use in your research and why?
    2. Where, tentatively do you stand on the topic?
  • If there are different theories on your topic or in your field, which ones will you use in your theoretical framework for your thesis?
  • Which trends do you wish to pursue from the literature review?
  • Do you have any fresh and bright propositions of a descriptive, interpretative, or programmatic kind?
  • Which pieces of research seem to have been most successful, the most promising and which less so?
  • What are the major lines of criticism that can be leveled at previous work?
  • What major omissions, gaps or neglected emphases can be identified?

Methodology To Use In Thesis Proposal:

In this section of thesis proposal, you should explain overall description of your approach, materials, and procedure.

  • What techniques and procedure will be used?
  • How will data be collected and evaluated?
  • What resources and equipment will be used?
  • Explain why you have selected this approach?


You should draw up a schedule that indicates the time required to complete your research project.

  • Pre-writing time period
  • Chapter time period
  • When you expect to deliver a work-in-progress presentation at a Postgraduate Seminar
  • Completion date of thesis


Cite all the materials appropriately you used in your thesis proposal according to the instruction of your school or supervisor.

Thesis Proposal Format

 Of Signature Page:



Name: _________________Student #: 12222-9999                         Option: Medical

Area of Research: _________________________________

Academic Supervisor: Dr. Ash Parameswaran
Committee Member: Dr. Marek Syrzycki
Committee Member: Mr. Bill Woods

TITLE OF PROJECT: __________________________________________________

ACADEMIC SUPERVISOR: Dr. Ash Parameswaran          Date Submitted: _________

Comments: _____________________________________________________________

APPROVED: _________________________      _______________________________

Signature                                                          Date


COMMITTEE MEMBER: ________________________ Date Submitted: _________

Comments: ____________________________________________________________

APPROVED: _________________________      _______________________________

Signature                                                          Date

COMMITTEE MEMBER: ________________________ Date Submitted: _________

Comments: ____________________________________________________________

APPROVED: _________________________      _______________________________

Signature                                                          Date

Thesis Proposal

  • Check if there are any poor grammar and misspelling since it annoys and distracts reader’s focus.
  • Get your thesis proposal peer reviewed.
  • If your sentences seem too long, make two or three sentences instead of one.
  • Read your thesis proposal at least 3 times before handing it in.
  • Use simple words and language.