How To Write A Thesis Statement

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I Am Sure You Know That Thousands Of Theses Are Written Every Year, But Not All Of Them Get Through.


Writing A Thesis Statement


One of the very first steps you need to take after being assigned to write a thesis is writing a thesis statement. Here you need help to understand how a thesis statement is developed and what its components are. A thesis statement discusses the problem and its background. It is a sentence used somewhere at a relevant position in the first paragraph. Let’s find out detail about “what is a thesis statement?”

  1. What Is A Thesis Statement


    Thesis statement is a summarized, short and snappy idea which provides the reader an exact point of argument, analysis, opinion or reason to envisage the paper.

    In other words we can make the following points to get the clear picture of a thesis statement:

    1. How are you going to interpret the importance of the subject being discussed?
    2. Thesis statement organizes and develops the argument systematically.
    3. Thesis statement makes the reader expect what would be in discussed in rest of the paper.
    4. It answers to the question in brief which has been asked to you
    5. It raises a controversial point on which others may disagree.

  2. Writing Thesis statement’s


    When you start writing a thesis statement, you should consider the following tips and guidelines so that you can guarantee to write an up to the mark thesis statement.

    1. Decide Thesis Statement Type:

      Settle on what sort of thesis statement you will to write. It could be expository,analytical, argumentative or narrative.
    2. Create Question And Answer Them:

      Make questions out of your topic and answer them to brainstorm.
    3. Unambiguous Thesis Statement:

      Write one main idea thesis statement. Make it precise and specific.
    4. Controlling Idea:

      The controlling idea avoids ambiguity and focus the problem statement.
    5. Placement Of Thesis Statement:

      Thesis statement is typically written at the end of the first paragraph. However it is not an inflexible rule so you can place it any reasonable, significant and effective place.

Examples Of Thesis Statements


To get a clear picture of how a thesis statement should look like, there are some examples of thesis statement

Here is the first paragraph of a paper attempting to define "dialogue":

“What is dialogue? What can dialogue reveal about a character? Can dialogue disclose the depth of a character? How a person uses the sign of his intelligence and education? How are people able to conceal their real feelings from each other while still answering direct questions?”

There are four or five possible thesis statements and to answer each question it would require an essay. It also creates ambiguity for the reader that which question is the most important.

Here is another example of thesis statement about “Heart of Darkness.”

In Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Marlow tells a bizarre tale of his encounter with Mr. Kurtz, a white man turned to satanic practices deep in the Congo's interior. A strong bond between the two men leads Marlow to go against his personal values in order to protect Kurtz's reputation. Why would Marlow side with such a man? To fully understand his alliance with Kurtz, one must look carefully at Marlow's feelings about the enterprise at the outset and at the impact of several significant situations and two individuals he encounters before reaching Kurtz.

This example of thesis statement is fairly general and it does focus the idea.  The writer promises a close look at selected features in the text in order to answer the question, "Why should Marlow side with such a man?"

Further Help On how To Write A Thesis statements

As you can notice, thesis statements work as make-it-or-break-it in a thesis paper. Therefore you should pay special attention and consult to the ones who have written their theses before. Undoubtedly, it is difficult to manage time for writing it, but iron-clad reality is that it has to be done. To get more help with no hassle, I would suggest you to give a try to a unique thesis statement assistance service.