Animal Farm Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement On Animal Farm


The novel animal farm revolves around the theme of class differences. The class difference issues play a significant role before and after the rebellion part. The class issues are a constant part of this novel from the beginning to the end. The animals are ruled by human, Snowball and Napoleon. You can develop your thesis statement on the basis of class stratification.

Thesis Statement For Animal Farm

 # 2

Animal farm is a symbolic novel about social and political influences. It depicts how power causes positive and negative effects. The use of power is very positive in the beginning and accomplishes great purposes. But slowly and gradually it turns negative and starts bringing disasters. The constructive power begins to devastate the community. Here you can develop your thesis statement considering the main figures involved in the game of power.

Thesis Statement For Animal Farm

 # 3

As you read and grasp the idea of this novel, you will find it resembling to the foundation of Soviet Union with all the rebellious and class battle and strong entry and establishment of a dictators factors. It seems to be a retell-story of it. Here you can enforce your thesis statement making a base on the resemblance of between this novel and history.

Animal Farm Thesis Statement
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