Terrorism Term Paper

What To Include In History Of Terrorism Term Paper

With such a tremendous growth in terrorism globally, the terrorism term paper is quite a frequent topic. Mostly students are assigned the topic of history of terrorism term paper so that they can understand what are the basic causes for such an unfortunate rise in terrorism? , but they don’t know often what to include in the history of terrorism term paper because it is quite a wide concept.

Let’s now look into some important points or ideas in you’re the body of terrorism term papers.

Helicopter view of the history of terrorism:

For this section, you will have to conduct an extensive research work to gain knowledge about the history of terrorism.  Just to give you a rough idea, you can discuss the following points in detail:

  • Most historians believe that terrorism date back to the first century and Sicarii Zealots in France which is called as reign of terror.
  • Then, the term was further improved with anarchism in Russia.
  • Another biggest terrorism incident in the history could be the violence against the Ottoman Empire.
  • Hitler’s can also be a contributor in promoting terrorism in the world.

Roots of terrorism:

France is called as the father of terrorism; you can include the details about terrorism that dates back to 17 century in France.

Type s of terrorism:

There are various types of terrorist activities out of which some are that you can discuss in your terrorism term paper.

  • State Terrorism
  • Bioterrorism
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Ecoterrorism
  • Nuclear terrorism
  • Narco terrorism:

State terrorism:

Any terrorism activity that is conducted by the government, the term can be searched over internet for more details.

Non-state terrorism:

Non-state terrorism is a type of terrorism which is conducted by any power other then the government, provide more details by searching about the term.

Modern terrorism:

What are the contemporary terrorist activities? Include them in the modern terrorism area

How to cope with the terrorism:

Provide suggestions and recommendation in order to fight modern terrorism. Also, discuss what should be government measures in this regard.


Wrap up your terrorism term paper while giving a short summary of what you did throughout terrorism term paper.

Therefore, if you want to write term papers on terrorism then the above told procedure would definitely prove useful for you. Just go through it carefully and use given ideas in your term paper on terrorism.