Term Paper Structure

How To Come Up With An Ideal Term Paper Structure?

Every student ask this question at one point of time during their studies, that how to structure a term paper?  Although, it solely depends on the instructions from your college or university but there is a standard way for a term paper structure. For students, who wants to that standard structure of term papers we are providing them with it.

How to craft a term paper structure?

An ideal term paper should be of not more then 8 to 10 pages which clearly show that you a student needs to be very clear and precise about the topic of their term paper. Following is a step by step guide for a term paper structure, go through it and see if it matches your term paper structure or not.

Title page of a term paper:

Title pages are of many types but a standard one consists of the topic of a term paper, student’s name which should be aligned in a center. It should also contain the name of the course, course number, student’s roll number, teacher’s name and the submission date.

Index page or table of contents of a term paper:

This section would contain a list of heading and sub-heading along with a page number of a term paper.

Introduction of a term paper:

Here, you would be introducing the topic of a term paper along with a thesis statement that will be proved later in the term paper. It should also contain:

  • Objective of term paper writing
  • Problem identification
  • Questions that will be answered in the term paper
  • Research work already done on this subject.
  • Overall research process.

Body of a term paper:

The body of a term paper is divided in to several paragraphs discussing separate ideas that coordinate with each other. It must also consist of:

  • Analyzing  the Primary literature
  • Research methodology
  • Research work already conducted
  • Your personal viewpoint about the subject


Conclusion is something where you would be winding all of your work giving a short report of the term paper. You can also provide limitations that you faced while conducting the research work and recommendation for the future research work.


It is a list of information about all the tools that you utilized during term paper writing, although including appendices is not that necessary but if you will, it will surely impress your teacher.

Therefore, it was all about the structure of a term paper that one should know before writing a term paper on any topic. Final word of advice is that before writing a term paper you should also consult your teacher.