Sociology Term Paper

Step By Step Guide For Writing Sociology Term Paper

Sociology is a subject of science which deals with the study of human behavior; the subject is quite interesting, same goes with writing sociology term paper. Often, teachers assign students to write sociology term paper by letting them decide the topic on their own because it will depict their understanding of the subject.

The pages of a sociology term paper vary depending on the type of term paper you are doing, similarly the structure varies as well but the mostly used structure is:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References

Now, let’s discuss each of the above told part of the sociology term paper as a step by step process for writing sociology term papers.

Step # 1: Abstract
The abstract of your sociology term paper should be no more than three hundred words where you would be providing a short summary of all your work and what is the overall result of term paper on sociology. You can begin abstract with,” In this paper, we would be discussing…….”

Step # 2: Introduction
Unlike abstract there is no strict word requirement for the introduction of sociology term paper, the only thing you would be doing in the introduction is to briefly introduce the topic and identify the problem in it.

Step # 3: Methodology
The section will be endorsing the need to establish that the thesis statement is true and so you were right in your claim.  Methodology would comprise of a analytical framework based on different criteria which will explain the way you did your research work.

Step # 4: Results
The final outcome will be mentioned in this section, it may consist of graphs, tables, factsheet etc that will be depending on the need of the term papers on sociology.

Step # 5: Discussion
Illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of sociology term paper and provide your personal viewpoints about the subject and may suggest some recommendations for further research work.

Step # 6: conclusion
Sometimes students combine the discussion with conclusion, you can also do this if you want to. The conclusion will be providing a short summary that will be creating a direct link with the thesis statement of the sociology term paper.

Step # 7: References
A word of advice here is that consult your instructor to find what are the requirements of your college or university? For instance, some prefers MLA while some APA referencing style.

Hope the 7 steps process for writing sociology term paper would be of much help to you; follow the preceding guideline to write a perfect sociology term paper.