Political Science Term Paper

How To Write A Political Science Term Paper?

Undoubtedly, writing a political science term paper is one of the hardest part during political science studies, student should know what they want to write about the political science term paper because it is a very broad concept that deals with the huge department of politics. Furthermore, they should also know how to write political science term paper guaranteeing good grades in exams.

Here is a brief guideline on “how to write political science term paper”

The political science term paper should be ideally from 80 to 10 pages consisting of not more than 3500 words. Following are some steps that you should follow for writing political science term paper:

Title page of political science term papers:

There are many ways for creating political science term paper title page just like the way you can write different types of bibliographies. No matter, which approach you are using for making a title page, make sure to write each word in capital letter and align it in center. The title page should include the following information.

  • Your name
  • Your course name:
  • Your instructor’s name
  • Date of submission

Index or table of contents for term paper on political science:

You will be writing table of contents on a separate page where there should be headings, section, sub-headings and sub section included.


The introduction of the political science paper would be defining the topic, goal and thesis statement of the term paper on political science. You must also include:

  • List of questions that will be answered in the term paper
  • Outline of the research work already conducted on the subject
  • Term paper topic pertinence
  • What would your research process?

Body paragraphs:

The main body would be the most detailed and most important section of the political science term paper. The body would be divided into different paragraphs each consisting of different ideas where you would be including the problem and argument along with the evidence to it support. It must also include:

  • Primary literature review
  • Methodological problems
  • Research process
  • Lastly, your own viewpoint


Restate the problem that will reconnect it with the introduction and the results that you have found from the all the research process in political science term paper. Also, state the limitation and restrictions that you faced during the research work. Lastly, suggest some points for the future research work.

Hence, you can follow the above told writing guideline to write perfect term papers on political science.