Shakespeare Term Paper

20 Topics for Shakespeare Term Paper

Shakespeare was a legendry writer who has culminated several literary classics; he was a literary genius who created works like Macbeth, Tempest, Midsummer night dream and various poems that are still read with interest. Writing Shakespeare term paper shouldn’t be difficult if you have an interest in literature because you can’t write term papers on Shakespeare without reading his plays.

Reading his plays would only help you to write good term paper on Shakespeare and not the topic because developing a good topic needs creativity. So, if you have any problem in deciding a topic for Shakespeare term papers then you can read the following recommended topic ideas.

  • Was Hamlet a discomfited idealist?
  • Hamlet - story of revenge
  • Comparing the work of Romeo Juliet and Julius Ceaser
  • Themes discussed in Julius Ceaser
  • Clash of morality and revenge in Julius Ceaser
  • The political strategies used in Julius Ceaser
  • Character sketch of Anthony in Julius Ceaser
  • How ego of Julius Ceaser burnt his moral judgments
  • The civil war in Julius Ceaser
  • Character sketch of Henry in Henry IV part V
  • Michilvaliies evolutions of Henry IV
  • Macbeth -  story of violence, love and drama
  •  Macbeth -  heart breaking tragedy
  • Role of witch in provoking lady Macbeth
  •  Was Macbeth a psychological victim?
  •  Prejudices explained in Othello
  • Similarities between Othello and Antigone
  • Analysis of the term symbolism in Othello
  •  Character sketch of Desdemona in the play,” Othello”
  •  Complexities of the relationship between Othello and Desdemona

You can also write on the personal life of Shakespeare, the tragic life of William Shakespeare or analysis of the Shakespeare work but it is advisable that you don’t opt for these kinds of topic because there is not much known about the life of Shakespeare.

Therefore, you can select any one of the above told topic to write Shakespeare term paper but make sure whatever topic you are choosing, you have read the book only them you would culminate a good piece of Shakespeare term paper.