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Art Research Paper

How to Write an Art Research Paper?

Art research papers require critical analysis, philosophical arguments and historical documentation; therefore, students have to be very artistic for coming up with a good research paper on art. There are loads of ideas regarding arts including criticism, history and aesthetics that students can utilize for writing their art research paper. Here is the step by step guideline that will help students in their art research paper writing:

Step 1: Choosing a Topic

The topic of your research should be interesting for readers; therefore, you should select only that topic for research paper on art that goes along well with the psyche of your audience.

Step 2: Gathering Information

Now, you have to look out for resources in order to gather information about the topic of your research paper. You should also see the bibliography section of the sources that you refer to and utilize those bibliographies to gather more information about the topic of your research.

Step 3: Introduction

Introduction of an art research paper needs to be very strong to gather attention of the readers. Introduction gives readers an idea about the topic of your research; therefore, you should develop an inspiring thesis for your research paper on art in order to grab attention of the readers. Here is one example of an inspiring thesis regarding the painting, Guernica by Pablo Picasso:         

In the painting; Guernica by Pablo Picasso, each and every icon reflect the tragedies that innocent civilians had faced during the Spanish Civil War

Step 4: Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs of art research papers are an extension to your thesis statement; in other words, body of your research paper should evaluate your thesis. For the preceding thesis, your first body paragraph should be dealing with the history of painting, Guernica. As each icon is depicting a particular tragedy of war in the painting; therefore, you should be utilizing separate body paragraphs for each icon next to your first body paragraph about the history of Guernica.     

Step 5: Conclusion

In order to conclude your research paper on art effectively, you should restate your thesis statement and present your findings to the readers.

After concluding your paper, you should provide references to readers about resources that you have utilized for the paper. Hopefully, the preceding step by step guide will assist students in their art research paper writing.