Argumentative Research Paper

Some Good Ideas for Writing an Argumentative Research Paper 

Your teacher has assigned you to write an argumentative research paper and you are out of clues to generate ideas for your paper. Or you have been trying very hard to come up with argumentative research paper topics but you haven’t come up with a good argumentative research paper topic idea. Here are some argumentative research paper ideas that will help students in writing their argumentative research papers effectively:

Idea # 1: One of the easiest topics for you to research is literature; therefore, it would be a good idea if you write your paper by utilizing the fact that literature reflects the society. For e.g. you may select a theme of “heroism” and utilize several facts regarding the impact of heroism in literature towards society.       

Idea # 2: Another good idea for writing your argumentative research paper would be that you write your paper about Afro-Americans. It would be a good point for you to argue:
Are Afro-Americans prone to join gangs or they do it because they have become socialized to look up to the traits exhibited by the gang members?”

Idea # 3: It would also be a good idea if you utilize two topics in combination with each other for your argumentative research paper. For e.g. if you combine politics with anthropology; then, you can write your argumentative research paper about “An Appropriate Age for Birth Control and Affect of Birth Control on the lives of people around the globe”.

Hopefully, the preceding argumentative research paper ideas will aid students in selection of a good topic for their paper.