Argument Research Paper

What are Some Good Topics for Writing Argument Research Papers?  

Are you lacking ideas to come up with an exclusive topic for your argument research paper? Or is it giving you a hard time to think about the topic for your argument research paper? Whatever the situation you are in, you don’t have to worry anymore. After reading this article, you would realize how many topics are there that you can utilize to generate arguments for argument research papers.

Here are some argument research paper topics along with arguments that you can utilize for writing argument research papers:

Topic # 1: Immigration
Argument: If we have the right to control our borders; then who should we let in?”

Topic # 2: Lawsuits
Argument: Overwhelming lawsuits occur frequently but many of them are frivolous”  

Topic # 3: Child Custody
Argument: “Step parents have to go through a lot for getting the custody of a child” 

Topic # 4: Hunger and Obesity
Argument: People with lower income can’t buy healthy food; thus their lives are at risk and they encounter hunger and obesity

Topic # 5: Robots
Argument: Dependence of machines has grown now, what should we believe about robots? Are they going to benefit or detriment the society?”

Topic # 6: Thimerosal
Argument: “Is there any link between thimerosal and autism; if there is, what is it?”

Topic # 7: Discrimination
Argument:While evaluating the minorities, prejudice provides an unexpected effect

Topic # 8: Insurance

Argument: Patients without insurance should be given the same quality healthcare that may be given to the people with insurance

Hopefully, the preceding topics along with arguments will help you a lot in developing ideas for your argument research paper.