Anthropology Research Paper

Suggestive Topics for Anthropology Research Papers

Anthropology, the study of humanity is a vast field with several branches including biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology and archaeology. As anthropology is a vast field, therefore, there are loads of areas from which the students may choose a topic for their anthropology research papers. It would be better and easier for students to write if they choose the topic of their interest for an anthropology research paper.

Here is the list of a few suggestive topics in order to aid students a bit in their topic selection for anthropology research papers:

  1. Rural to Urban Migration - The Rising
  2. Why is cultural behavior very important to a human being?
  3. Convergent Evolution
  4. “Humans Evolved from Apes” A Wrong Perception
  5. Affect of Other Cultures on the Yoruba Culture
  6. How do mortality rates affect the population management strategies?
  7. Globalization
  8. Theories on Evolution
  9. Do humans have instincts or everything they do is the result of their surrounding environment?
  10.  Impact of Modern Civilization on the lives of Indigenous People
  11.  Ethnicity and the Human Race
  12.  Why do genocides happen?
  13.  How do chimpanzees communicate with each other?
  14.  How is illness perceived and cured across the globe?
  15.  Several Concepts of Archeology

Hence, these were some topics in order to guide students a bit in selection of the topic for their anthropology research paper. Hopefully, students will get ideas from the preceding topic and select the topic of their interest for writing their anthropology research paper effectively.