How To Choose Research Paper Topic?

Hasn’t it been a nerve-raking period for you to decide the research paper topic and it still leads you to nowhere while the rest of your friends have already started to write their research papers?

Find out now what are the obstacles and their solutions to find and get a research paper topic approved


So your friends were assigned the research paper on the same day and you are still trying to select your research paper topic at this stage while they have started writing and getting closer to the degree, after all research paper topic is the first step towards it.

Holding a master’s or doctoral degree in hand is the longing desire of every student what he tries his best to get. Finally the day comes when you submit your thesis or dissertation and receive the degree, hear hands clapping, friends cheering, teachers praising, parents wishing and praying; you find yourself walking in the air.

  1. Or you’ve just not finalized your research paper topic because your teacher is too picky and you fear the disapproval of research paper topic.
  2. Or is it your busy schedule that is not letting you to decide research paper topic?

Whatever the reason is behind it, you are totally surrounded by worries. And the cruelest thing is that the deadline is nearing. The bottom line is that you got to do a lot of work but you haven’t done much? Let’s solve your problem right here right now and let me show you how to choose the perfect research paper topic that takes you closer to your desired degree.

Obstacles  To Handle To Find YourResearch Paper Topic

First analyze the problems that don’t let you proceed to write research paper topic and causing you harmful delay. The problems could be:

  1. You had tough time to understand the lectures.
  2. You might have missed the lectures due to job, any social activity or illness.
  3. You don’t have enough time to thinking about the research topic due to job.
  4. The teachers are not helpful enough.
  5. You may have difficulty to analyze the research paper topic and lack techniques to choose research paper topic.
  6. The friends can’t help you since they are already busy doing their own research.
  7. You have the idea but can’t put it in words.
  8. You can do it but afraid that it might be disapproved.

There could be numerous reasons behind the indecisive situation of research paper topic. You might be facing some or all of them. As I promised, here comes the solution of your all problems. You just need to work out the following problem-solving guidelines and get qualified to enter the next level of your research paper writing.

3 Helpful SOLUTIONS to Choose Research Paper Topic

  1. Getting Started:

    As you are well aware of the fact that how difficult it is to select a good research paper topic, you must be sure that it is focused enough to be interesting and broad enough to find sufficient information for your research. Before choosing research paper topic, you must ask these questions to yourself regarding your topic, purpose and audience.

    • What am I writing about?
    • What am I trying to say about my topic?
    • Why am I writing about my topic?
    • What knowledge do I have that makes me the right person to write about this topic?

  2.  Focus on Your Research Paper Topic:

    You need to choose a research paper topic that covers one particular area to write about. Assure that it has a clear statement, and does not lead the reader to ambiguity. Here are some questions to focus on research paper topic and avoid ambiguity.

    • Who? - find a gender, age group or race associated with your topic.
    • Where? - narrow your focus to a region or country
    • When? - concentrate on a specific time period
    • What? - choose a specific object or event related to your subject
    • Why? - examine a reason or reasons behind your topic.

  3. Choose the research paper topic of your interest:

    After answering the above questions, you have done half of the job. Now to find a research paper topic you can go through current newspapers,periodicals, journals or any library to gather ideas. Once you have a collection of the research paper topic'select the one that you know about most and it interests you too. Even if it is not of your interest, you can still do it. I will let you know about it soon.

Some Important Points

Problems of Unfocused Research Paper Topics:
You can find research paper topic of your interest easily, but may encounter the following TWO problems while developing the research paper topic:

  1. You may find that there is very little information available on the research paper topic and you can’t write much about it.
  2. Opposite to the first problem, you might find too much information and find difficulty to sum it up.

Benefits of Focused Research Paper Topics:

As you can see the unexpected problems caused by unfocused research paper topic with the length that it becomes too short or too long. So the ultimate benefit of focused research paper topic you get is the total control over the length and process of research writing and it also saves your precious time.

Final Thoughts:

  1. Before taking any step to choose research paper topic, analyze your available resources and problems you are facing.
  2. Always listen to the instructions of your teachers carefully and follow them.
  3. Try setting a deadline of your own before the actual deadline.
  4. Find out the possible research sources you will use during research.
  5. Keep all the detail in your record in form of a file so you may not need to go through the books again and again.
  6. You must be very cautious about presentation like title page, citation, margins, spacing, font size, etc. You must follow your teacher’s instructions for the presentation.
  7. Always consult your teacher if you are stuck at any stage.

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