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“How To Choose A Good Persuasive Essay Topic?”



Below you will learn the process of “How to select a persuasive essay topic?”

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Define Audience
  3. Narrow the topic

Selecting Persuasive Essay Topics


The most popular tip to choose a topic is to consider the area of your interest. Since in a persuasive essay you have to persuade the people to agree with your point of view, so you need to make it sure that you have much interest to remain motivated till its completion.

Persuasive Essay Topic – Your Knowledge Counts Most:

When you have to write an essay intending to get people agree with your point of view, you need to have much knowledge and information to present your arguments. You can’t convince other by presenting weak or inappropriate arguments. Therefore you need to choose a topic about which you have enough knowledge to convince others.

Persuasive Essay Topic – Define Audience:

When you have brainstormed and selected topic of your interest, you need to find out the audience who would be most interested in reading your topic. You need to figure out whether people of what age group and field would find your persuasive essay interesting and beneficial.

Narrowing Down The Persuasive Essay Topic


To narrow down a topic is very crucial part of selecting a persuasive essay topic. The best way to focus and specify the topic is put controlling idea in your topic. For example, if you have to write about “media”, you need to focus it on the following lines:

  • Media’s development in 80s
  • Media’s role against terrorism

Here you can notice that both of the topics are focused and limited to the particular topics.

List Of Persuasive Essay Topics


There is a list of persuasive essay topics to show and help you what type of topics are included in persuasive essays:

  • Why living in a big city is better than living in a small town?
  • Why violent video games should be banned?
  • What changes commercialization has brought in sports and what are it effects?
  • Would human cloning benefit us or go against us?
  • Should abortion be encouraged?

Persuasive Essay Topics
 – Final Thoughts:

  • Brainstorm through different information sources.
  • Choose the persuasive essay topic that interests you most.
  • Select t such a persuasive essay topic that you can be narrowed down.
  • The topic should have enough information available.
  • Don’t pick a persuasive essay topic that has been used many times.