Descriptive Essay Topics

There Is A Huge Variety Of Topics When It Comes To Write Descriptive Essay leaving you wondering which one to select.

Go on reading to find the perfect solution to your mind-boggling



A dictionary has the following meaning of the word describe:

  1. To give an account of (something or someone) in words
  2. To represent pictorially

So we can say that a descriptive essay is the picture made of words pertaining to people or things. So you have a huge variety of topics to write a descriptive essay.
There are some certain tips to choose a good descriptive essay topic.

How To Choose A

Descriptive Essays Topics


In writing a descriptive essay, the main goal is to put down your words in such a way that the reader feels as if he were not reading it but watching it live or experiencing it himself/herself.
The very first thing you need narrow down your available options. To do so you need to make a list of different categories in this way:

  • Things
  • Places
  • Personality
  • Events
  • Scenes
  • feelings
  • Activities

Narrow Down

Descriptive Essays Topics


Having made the categories, you get many options to select one. Now you can narrow down it to one topic. So select the topic that you are most interested in whether it is places, persons or feelings. Now the rest of the job relates to “How to write a descriptive essay?”



There is a categorized list of commonly chosen descriptive essay topics.

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating To Things:

Favorite flower                  Trees
Computer                          Food

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating Places:

Your house/school             Home town
A picnic spot

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating To Personality:

Your favorite teacher         A mega movie star             
Your friend                         A famous historical person   

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating To Events:

Housewarming party         Sports at school
Wedding ceremony            An accident

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating To Scenes:

A rainy day                        A beautiful Sunset/Sunrise
Lightening                         a morning view of jogging park  

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating To feelings:

A sad day in life                 Happy moments
Falling in love                    Anger

Descriptive Essay Topics Relating To Activities:

Your current job                Study routine
Swimming                          Learning a musical instrument

Descriptive Essay Topics
 Final Thoughts:

  • Gather ideas.
  • Distribute them in categories such as Events, Places, Things etc.
  • Then select the ones you like most and have reasonable observation or experience.
  • Finally, choose the one you are most confident of writing the descriptive essay.