Controversial Essay Topics

. Discover 4 Simple Tips To Choose Highly Effective Topics For Controversial Essay.

How To Choose Controversial Essay Topics?

The process of selecting controversial essay topics demands to be done with critical thinking analysis and keeping the current scenarios in mind. There are 4 very simple and productive tips on how to select controversial essay topics.

4 Simple And Productive Tips To Select 

Controversial Essay Topics

Selection of controversial essay topics is a rather easy task because we are surrounded by many issues and you can find people talking over so many issues. You can choose good controversial essay topics by applying the following simple tips.

Tip # 1 (Making Categories)

First of all, make general categories of the most discussed and highly debatable issues. These categories could be:

  • Politics
  • Moral/Ethical issues
  • Medical
  • Media
  • Current affairs

Tip # 2 (Category Selection)

Now select a category that you like most. For example I choose politics which has always been full of controversies and you will find many people discussing it. It is a good way to choose a controversial essay topic which people like to talk about since they could be valuable source of information for your controversial essay writing.

Tip # 3 (Brainstorming)

The next step is to brainstorm this category. Brainstorming will open many options to choose a specific topic.

For instance you come up with America’s relationships with other countries. There you have to name the countries with different point of view.


Tip # 4 (Narrowing Down The Options)

You will have options like Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or any some others.
Now you have to select only one country to write about. For instance, you choose to write about America-Afghanistan war.

There you are with your specific controversial essay topic to write a controversial essay.

List Of Controversial Essay Topics

List of controversial essay topics will let you explore in what way a simple subject can turn into a Controversial essay topics.

  • Do news channels give or sell their news by making it a thrilling story?
  • Sale of Cigarettes: a revenue or hospital expense
  • Why should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Should nations struggle to possess weapons of mass destruction?
  • Advertising: Information or Manipulation?
  • Are US attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan justified?

Controversial Essay Topics

As you have seen that a controversial essay topic need to be arguable and a heated debate so that you can make your point to convince the readers. If you would like to have more information on controversial essay topics, Click Here.

4 Simple And Productive Tips To Select Controversial Essay Topics