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Do You Know You Can Choose Good Topics For Argumentative Essay To Write An Outstanding Argument Essay?



Choosing topics for argumentative essay is the first task that will decide the level of appreciation and grade of your argument essay will receive. Therefore you need to follow the exact and up to the mark steps to achieve successful argumentative essay topic writing. There are four best tips to make it happen.

Tips for writing good topics for argumentative essay

Selection Of Topics For An Argumentative Essay:

When you start thinking about your argumentative essay topic, you have to consider the following aspects:

  • An arguable topic:

    It is obvious that your topic has to have the arguable aspects. You can’t start writing about any topic claiming it arguable. There are some topics which are not argued since everybody agrees on them like “eating excessive sugar is bad for health” or “Smoking causes cancer”. You find no one to disagree with these statements. You need to look for the opposing argument of your topic.
  • Present-day related:

    The next thing you have to do is find your topic’s relation, relevance and importance in existing era. People are most interested in reading and commenting about the present situation. It does not mean that you can’t choose a topic from past; you may select a past topic but it should have its relation and effects in present time.

Focus the

topics for an argumentative essay


Having done the topic selection, your next task is to bring your argumentative topic to a certain focal point. In order to do so, you can limit your argument topic to a certain time period, scope, effects or components. For instance: you are writing an argumentative essay on “Abortion” which is a vast and general topic, you need to develop your thesis statement which will limit your argumentative topic. You can argue about:

  • psychological and physical risks of abortion
  • Should abortion providers be banned?

You can observe that how theses thesis statements have put limits to a vast and general term to a focused topic.

Target The Audience Of Your Argumentative Essay Topic:

Whenever you write any essay, you want it to be read and appreciated by others. Along with winning you high grades. In case of your term paper’s argumentative essay, your audience is your teacher who is a mature person and also knows your maturity level. Therefore you don’t need to worry to come up to exactly his intellect, but try to get a comprehensive writing that fulfills your capabilities and intellect.

Transitions In writing

Sample argumentative essay topic

  1. Are women are better parents than men?
  2. Space exploration: Waste of money or future investment
  3. Should the animals be used for scientific research?
  4. Euthanasia: is it really a mercy killing?

Final Thoughts On
Argumentative Essay Topics
  • Brainstorm through different information sources.
  • Choose the persuasive essay topic that interests you most.
  • Select t such a persuasive essay topic that you can be narrowed down.
  • The topic should have enough information available.
  • Don’t pick a persuasive essay topic that has been used many times.