Persuasive Essay Sample

Writing Persuasive Essay Is A Very Subtle Job Because You Have To Present Your Ideas To Convince People. Therefore You Have To Present Strongest Ideas That Could Spell A Magic On The Reader’s Mind.

Title Of

Sample Persuasive Essay


You can write your essay title in question form which is really attention grabbing because the reader answers to it ands then the reader is mush willing to know your opinion.

Here is the sample title:

“Drilling For Oil: To Be Or Not To Be?”

Here the title questions the reader whether drilling should take place or not. The reader is compelled to find the answer about where and why should drilling take place or not.

Persuasive Essay Example

 Of Introduction:

“The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to grizzlies, caribou, moose, foxes, polar bears, musk oxen, wolves, and birds who migrate as the weather changes. Influential business people in the oil business consider the refuge as the ideal site for the “environmentally sensitive searching” of oil. Ecologists have their reservations regarding this thought

In the introductory paragraph, the writer raises an issue and includes opinions of other regarding it.

Example Of Persuasive Essay

 Differing Opinion:

“The officials of main Government body of USA and oil-industry’s influential leaders and others believe that Americans will exploit from the oil that lies under the snow-filled surface of the refuge. According to their view, the oil will help scale down soaring fuel prices and reduce the import to meet our need for oil.”

Now the writer has contradicted with the viewpoint of others. Now in the next paragraph he will have to support his opinion with strong ideas and evidences.

Persuasive Essay Samples

 – Explanation And Support Of Writer’s Views:

“I believe the cost of such drilling is too high. I agree with environmentalists who fear that drilling will disturb the migration of more than 130,000 caribou. Each spring, the caribou travel 400 miles to give birth on the coastal plain. In this area of the refuge, there are fewer predators. In addition, experts say that the oil in the area adds up to less than a six-month supply. Is such a small amount of oil worth the risk drilling poses to these animals?”

To support his opinion, the writer presents facts and explains why he thinks so.

Persuasive Essay Sample
— Presenting Solutions:

“Americans are the largest consumers of oil. Instead of drilling for oil, we should decrease our need for foreign oil simply by using less. We must all work together to cut back on the oil we use in order to conserve the wildlife of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.”

Her the writer the by giving solutions to the raised problems. So you need to finish the persuasive essay with convincing solutions.