Science Coursework

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5-Stage Process Of Writing

GCSE Science Coursework

  1. Science Coursework Help

    In preparation, you plan the following aspects:
    1. What do you want to examine?
    2. Why do you want to examine it?
    3. How will you do it?
    4. What you think will be result?

  2. Science Coursework

    1. Select a topic that has some measurable items so that you can draw graphs or tables and comment upon for the collected data.
    2. Collect extensive data regarding your topic. It will help you predict what you expect to happen.
    3. State it clearly what you are going to measure, change, and control in your investigation.
    4. This is the point that examiners look at critically and award you high marks if you do it well enough. Make your investigation a fair test that means writing down all your controls explaining why you have done them.
    5. Make a set of results instead of carrying out the tests only once.
    6. Plan simple, clear, precise and safe methods.
    7. You must take in safety methods in your plan since the examiners always give importance to this section; and in case you miss it they can award you low marks look for this section first.
  3. Attaining Data:

    In this section you conduct your experiment.

    1. Use suitable and relevant apparatus.
    2. Repeat the test 3 or 4 times to obtain plenty of data so that you can draw dependable and exact conclusions.
    3. Ensure that all the tests are carried out safely.

  4. Evaluating Outcome And Drawing Conclusions:

    First draw a graph of your results. Make it clear, accurate and neat.

    1. Label the axis and mention forget units.
    2. Write a clear title on your graph with a pencil.
    3. Answer these questions to check if any point lacks.
      1. Can you see any patterns in the results?
      2. What do the results prove?
      3. Why did this happen?
      4. In what way this relates to your scientific research?
      5. Does the outcome prove your prediction correct?

  5. GCSE Science Coursework


    Evaluation is the final part of your science coursework. In this part you need to evaluate what you have done.

    To evaluate, just answer the following questions to:

    1. Did you use a suitable method?
    2. Did you get accurate results?
    3. How can you ensure that they were accurate?
    4. Were there any irregular results? If Yes, Why?

  6. Science Coursework

     Final Thoughts:

    1. Proofread your science coursework 3 or 4 times to check and avoid any type of grammar, spelling, punctuation mistakes.
    2. Get your science coursework peer reviewed.
    3. Prepare your graph neat and clean and label the axis.
    4. Don’t forget to include the correct units on your graph.
    5. Ensure that you don’t include any insignificant and irrelevant information.