Othello Coursework

Is Your Coursework On Othello Deceiving You Like The Character Of “Iago” Creating Obstacles In Your Way To Write A Successful Othello Coursework?

let’s get ready to tackle the deceitful “iago” and make a happy ending to Othello coursework unlike the play


Coursework On Othello

Othello is one of the most famous tragedies by Shakespeare. Writing a coursework on Othello may turn out to be a tragedy for you in you consider too simple since it is very famous and you studied a simplified version in your primary classes. Be careful now it is not a simplified task. It requires your critical thinking skills to write an Othello coursework. The following given guidelines will help you to write an excellent coursework on Othello.

Guidelines To Write Othello Coursework

There are some guidelines explaining how and what to focus on writing Othello coursework. For example you select to write your coursework on Act 3 scene 3 of ‘Othello. You can focus the following aspects of the scene. Here you may need to give the reference t o the previous chapters to clarify the situation as well.

  • The earlier relationship between Othello and Iago
  • Factors and reasons which cause Iago to turn against Othello
  • How Iago develops his plan?
  • Importance of the scene focusing the following points
    • Iago presents himself to Othello and how this makes Othello want to know more?
    • Iago manipulation using imagery
    • Significance of the handkerchief
    • How Othello responds to Iago’s false claims?
    • Why Iago succeeds in manipulating Othello?
    • What is the audience’s reaction to the scene?
    • Does this scene help to predict the consequences of Iago’s evil scheme?

Othello GCSE Coursework


The following topics are the areas to focus on for writing Othello coursework.

  • Why were the major and minor factors that cause a tragic end to the marriage of Desdemona and Othello?
  • In the play Othello, Desdemona’s character is presented as a very naïve and sacrificing lady. Do you think that the positive traits of her brought her devastation?
  • Discuss and analyze the scenes and dialogues that Iago attempt to make Othello hate Desdemona believing she is treacherous to him.
  • Iago plays the role of a crafty villain in Othello. He cunningly exploits every other character to accomplish his objectives. Discuss this statement with the references in from the play.
  • The female characters of Othello are the submissive sufferer of a male-dominated society. Argue in detail.

Othello Coursework Help

Writing coursework on Othello will be a great success when you have studied and planned it well, in other case a certain failure will be staring you in the face. To avoid any failure and to get more information on Othello coursework, click here.