Media Studies Coursework

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GCSE Media Studies Coursework

Media coursework is a vast term which leads to numerous areas of study. GCSE media coursework includes:

  • Film making (direction, production, editing)
  • Advertising (making creative ads, brochures,)
  • Journalism (news writers, reporters, news editors, editors)
  • Music development (making CDs and videos)
  • TV productions
  • Video Production
  • Copy Writing

As you can see that there are plenty of options to write your media studies coursework. Therefore you have to get to one focused area first.

GCSE Media Studies

 Writing Example

If you are studying film making, you may also have to write assignments on others’ works to understand the nuts and bolts of film making.

For example you have to write a comparison of Wuthering Heights of William Wyler, released in 1939 and of Peter Kosminsky, released in 1992.

It is very clear that you have to watch both movies and gather information about them. There is some information about both movies.

Wuthering Heights (7 April 1939)

Wuthering Heights is a great novel written by Emily Bronte. In 1939, William Wyler made a movie based on this novel. The screenplay was written by Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht.

The movie was released on 7 April 1939. The major cast was

Wuthering Heights (16 October 1992)

In 1992 Peter Kosminsky directed it again and the screen play was written by Anne Devlin.
The movie was released on 16 October 1992. The major cast was

Having watched the movies you can record your observation according to the following chart.


Wuthering Heights (7 April 1939)
Wuthering Heights (16 October 1992)

Opening Scene

Title Graphics

Camera Work




Music and Sound


Media Studies Coursework
 Further Help

Media studies coursework is a vital assignment for any student to be successful in his media studies coursework. Therefore you must be very careful while writing your media studies coursework so that you may avoid any failures. If you need to know more about writing media studies coursework, click here.