Is Book Report Writing Getting On Your Nerves?

The book report writing is due in 4 days and this grammar and sequence are getting on my nerves. Oh God! What the hell am I gonna do
with my book report writing?

Book reading is the commonest practice that you have to do in your academic career repeatedly, and ultimately you are bound to write a book report. Isn’t book report writing a tiresome and annoying job for you especially when the submission deadline nears quickly?

Do you face the following troubles when you make book report writing?

  1. Does tenses sequence upset you whether book report writing has to be in present or past tense?
  2. Are pronouns being confusion for you?
  3. Don’t you have words to express in your book report?
  4. Are you confused about what to write and what to leave?
  5. Are you facing complexity to write citation?
  6. Is organization of the book report writing your problem?

Imagine yourself writing your book report without any annoyance. You just need to apply 6 systematic steps to excel at book report writing.

6 Helpful Steps To Make Impressive Book report writing

  • Opening Paragraph Of BookReport:

In the first paragraph, you should state the following points:

  • Instructor’s name who assigned you report
  • Class for which you are writing
  • The book title
  • Author's name
  • Number of pages the book has
  • Publisher’s name
  • Citation about the book and publisher

Citation should have following information:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Year the book published in
  • Edition (if the book has been translated or simplified)

After that you can state the reason to select the very book to read and write book report writing. To make it easy, you can answer the following question.

  • You like the author.
  • You like this type of book (i.e. mystery, fiction, adventure, etc.).
  • Someone recommended the book to you.
  • It was on a required reading list.
  • You liked the cover.
  • Determine The Main Character(s) To Include:

This paragraph of the book report writing starts with the introduction to the main character(s) telling their appearance, importance, etc. You can make question about them and answers to these question to complete your paragraph.

  • Who are the main character(s) of the book?
  • How do they look like?
  • What are the special qualities of theirs?
  • Why are they important?

You should picture theses characters in detail emphasizing their importance in your book report writing.

  • Determine The Other Characters To Include:

In the next paragraph, you should describe the other significant characters in book. You should mention names of each of the other chief characters, and their role in book.

There are normally four to six vital characters besides the main character. So the list and description of each one character in the book will produce a good sized paragraph.

  • Plot Summary To Include In Book Report writing

This is the most critical stage of book report writing. It is difficult to sum it up in 7 or 8 lines. Do not make the length your issue. Your first main task is to write the whole plot without missing any noteworthy detail. Consider following points to picture plot summary of your book report writing.

  • Mention the genre of book
  • Place or country where the book set in
  • The time period the book set in
  • Other important places or things like buildings ships, airplanes, etc.
  • Objective of the main character
  • The end or conclusion

You can add any other important detail that you find useful to include book report writing.

  • Personal Remarks In Your Book Report writing

In closing paragraph of book report writing, give your personal impression. You state reasons why you liked or disliked the book. You can consider following points to jot down in book report writing:

  • Explain the points why you like or dislike the book
  • What you learned from it.
  • What are the strong and weak points
  • Would you recommend it to others?

Final Thoughts:

  • In the first paragraph, state instructor’s name, class standard, book title, publisher’s and author’s name, number of pages of book, and citation.
  • State main characters’ significance and objective.
  • Describe other characters.
  • State plot summary.
  • Write your personal review.
  • Length of book report writing should be 600 to 800 words.
  • Express your true opinions in book report writing