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Frankenstein book


Frankenstein is a famous novel written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. The novel was published on January 1, 1818. The novel was written in Gothic genre. Frankenstein book comprises of more or less 345 pages of statdard size.

Frankenstein Novel Setting (Time & Place)

In the novel, the 18th century was shown and the places depicted were Geneva, the Swiss Alps, Ingolstadt, England, Scotland and the northern ice.

Frankenstein Characters

  1. Victor Frankenstein
  2. Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein
  3. Alphonse Frankenstein
  4. Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein
  5. Henry Clerval
  6. The Monster
  7. William Frankenstein
  8. Ernest Frankenstein
  9. Beaufort
  10. M. Krempe
  11. Justine Moritz
  12. Margaret Seville
  13. M. Waldman – Victor’s Chemistry Professor
  14. De Lacey
  15. Agatha – De Lacey’s Daughter
  16. Felix

Frankenstein Book Report

 Of Main Characters

Here is a brief statement of thesis on the main characters of the novel Frankenstein.

  • Victor Frankenstein: Victor, born in Geneva and possesses an aggressive nature interests in gaining knowledge most. He is inclined to poetry much but later on he develops high interest in science. But he soon becomes obsessed with the subject of science. His focal point of studies is “the secrets of heaven and earth”.

    He is so dedicated to his research that behaves selfishly and does not stay in touch with his family for many years.

    Finally he enlivens a dead person who becomes a monster and brings consequences to him and his relations.

  • Elizabeth Lavenza Frankenstein: Elizabeth, an orphan, earlier lived with peasant family and later adopted by the Frankensteins. Victor and Elizabeth are destined to be married since the day she enters the house of the Frankensteins.

    She is a quiet and even-handed woman. Like Victor, she also likes poetry and countryside beauty.

  • Alphonse Frankenstein: Alphonse Frankenstein, Victor's father, is a dignified and a respectable person in the community. He is a compassionate and patient man. He is very devoted and shields his family. For instance, he supports Victor believing his innocence when he is alleged of murder. He also behaves so kindly to his wife.

  • Caroline Beaufort Frankenstein: Caroline, Victor’s mother, faces hard time in her young hood. Her father falls seriously ill and in order to arrange his medicine and bread and butter, she does multiple jobs to manage it all.

    Having been married to Alphonse Frankenstein, she sees her good days.  She behaves very compassionately to the less privileged. She portrays the perfect mother’s image.

  • Henry Clerval:Although Henry and Victor have different natures and even interests, Henry is the only friend of Victor. Henry always backs Victor in whatsoever situation. He accompanies Victor while travelling and nurses him when he falls ill.

    Victor commends Henry's sensibility, fervent mind's eye and refinement. Unlike Victor, Henry shows no interest in science at all. Instead he likes literature, language and natural world.

  • The monster: Victor creates the monster with different body parts. The monster has yellow skin with clearly-raised muscles and arteries. He has black hair, black lips, white teeth and dried-up complexion. He is very huge in size.

    The monster’s frightening appearance doesn’t let him mingle with people since they feel afraid of him. He isolates himself and takes refuge secretly at De Lacey's home. There he learns how to read. And then he reads the Victor’s diary in which he wrote the experience of monster’s creation.

    Somehow the De Laceys find and beat him out and leave their house for good. At this, the monster develops detestation and vengeance for his creator.

    Out of rage, he makes killings but regrets committing them. He expresses remorse when he finds his last victim, Victor Frankenstein, dead.

Frankenstein Themes

Frankenstein is based on the following themes.

  • Family/Society
  • Isolation
  • Romanticism and Nature
  • Ambition
  • Revenge
  • Innocence
  • Dangerous Knowledge
  • Monstrosity
  • Secrecy

Frankenstein Summary

Robert Walton, the captain of a ship heading to the North Pole, writes his sister a letter informing that his crew recently found out a man at sea namely Victor Frankenstein who agreed to tell his story.

Victor narrates the he spent his childhood in Switzerland. His family adopted needy orphans. Among them was beautiful Elizabeth who befriends with Victor and soon they fall in love. Victor has another best friend, Henry Clerval. When Victor turns seventeen, he goes to study at the University in Ingoldstad. In the meanwhile, his mother dies of scarlet fever.

Victor engrosses himself in studying the secrets of life and doesn’t even get enough time to stay in touch with his family. One night, he discovers the secret of life. He experiments to liven up a dead man with the idea of creating a fine race. He makes a successful experiment but the creature which comes into being looks so horrendous. Therefore he abandons it but the monster escapes and survives. After a few months, Victor is informed that his youngest brother, William, has been murdered. Victor believes firmly that the monster has done it, but he keeps silent. An adoptee in Victor’s family, Justine Moritz, is charged of the murder and executed. With a guilty conscience, Victor, Frankensteins goes on vacation. One day when

Victor is hiking in the mountains, he comes across the monster. Instead of showing his rage, the monster begs Victor to listen to the story of his miserable life. It tells Victor that how rejected and isolated he is because of his appearance. The monster demands Victor to create a female monster to live with. Victor turns down but later consents.

Victor’s father asks Victor to marry Elizabeth. Victor tells him that he first has to go to England. He comes across Clerval on the way to England. He makes Clerval stay at his friend’s house in Scotland and heads to a far-off island to create the female monster.

While creating female monster, Victor fears that it may turn out more perilous than the first one at the same time he realizes the first monster looking at him through a window and Victor destroys the female monster. The first monster swears to avenge. It threats Victor to take its revenge on Victor’s wedding night. Victor dumps the remains of female monster in the ocean. When he returns to shore, he is alleged of a murder. When Victor comes to know that the victim is Clerval, he loses his senses and remains in the state for two months. When he restores himself, his father has arrived, and he is cleared of the false charges.
Victor goes back to Geneva and marries Elizabeth. On the night of his wedding, the monster murders Elizabeth. Victor’s father passes away because of the bereavement. Now, Victor is determined to avenge against the monster. He chases the monster in the Northern ice, but gets stuck on breaking ice. There he is rescued by Walton’s crew.

Robert Walton sends another string of letters to his sister. He puts in the picture about his failure to reach the North Pole and bring back Victor, who died soon after his rescue. In the final letter by Walton, he tells that he found the monster grieving over Victor’s dead body. He points the finger at the monster of having no repentance. But the monster says it has undergone a more miseries than anyone else. The monster takes its revenge with Victor death and therefore it decides to finish its own life too.

Frankenstein Book Report

Summing up a 345 page book is an uphill task. As you can see there is a outline of the book review on Frankenstein. For further help to complete your Frankenstein Book Report click here.

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