4 Reasons why you should avoid essays term papers mills…

The advancement of technology has brought considerable changes in the human mindset and the way it perceives certain things humans do and their outcomes. Let’s take the example of cheating. Now when a student is asked to submit a term paper the first thing that comes to his mind is to look for a term paper online and download an already done term paper essay. The funny thing is they go on to say “It’s just Research”.

These Term paper mills are websites providing prewritten term papers to students free of cost or for a minimal fee. According to some researchers the ratio of this kind of plagiarism has gone up to 10-15 percent. Yes, this is Plagiarism AKA cheating which can get a student in a lot of trouble if he goes on ignoring his conscience and morality to commit such dishonesty.

The very reasons to avoid this form of cheating are the milestones of success when it comes to term paper essay.

First and foremost, the quality of these term papers online is astoundingly low.

What happens is that random students write whatever they can think of without proper research and referencing and throw it on one of these websites because they have no reason to work their brains out on such papers. Other students buy them only to find out and realize the actual state of these prewritten term paper essays or go on using them after making a few changes.

Low quality is not something you should be compromising on. After all it’s your grades that matter the most and what you are looking for using this “easy way out” but remember “Quality gets Grades”. 

Secondly, the term papers which students download for these websites are usually already used and marked term papers and it’s very unusual that it’s a complete match to the assignments given by your professor. What students do is they download a term paper thesis and start modifying it into their own style and transform the research data into their own data which of course is neither original nor authentic.

So it’s always better to give yourself some time to conduct and document your own research for your term paper instead of doing all the above. This is the only way you will be satisfied by your work and your grades.

Thirdly, the matter available on these websites is scan able by a never ending list of online and offline Plagiarism detection softwares and online search engines and the teachers who you are submitting our work to is not going to turn a blind eye if he finds out about your “Honest Efforts”.

Given the common use of these free essays term papers mills there is no chance that your teacher wouldn’t be scanning your term paper so you better not count on your luck and start counting on your research and writing.

Lastly, some students claim to use these free term papers to see what good term papers look like. Now what in the world tells them that the quality of the essay available on these websites is good and they are the highest marked essays. Even if they are telling the truth they are actually trying to do good deeds by all the wrong means.

What a better and authentic way would be is to go to your teacher and ask for help. Teachers usually have these files maintained containing all past essays term papers for future use. Using these you will also have another advantage which is you will be able to judge the marking criteria of your teacher.

Over the years students have been looking for easier ways to cope with their academic assignments which is understandable but using unethical and immoral methods is not. In order to maintain a certain level of honesty and moral values students should work on their essay term papers themselves.  

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